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Born in Romania and based in Montreal, I have been passionate about sound and music for as long as I can remember. Over the past years, I have established myself as a sought-after music producer and audio engineer through a breadth of critically acclaimed projects and two nominations at the ADISQ awards for my mixing work. I am currently expanding towards sound for linear and interactive media as well.

Bachelor's in Electroacoustic Studies

  • Concordia University, Montreal

  • Acquired many essential sonic skills (acoustics, psychoacoustics, sound creation, etc.) through guided research, electroacoustic composition seminars and personal projects.

  • Completed elective courses through Université de Montréal's "Musiques numériques" program, focusing on interactive audio and sound design courses. 

  • Was "audio lead" on two video game projects in collaboration with game design programs (UQAT, UdeM).

Work Experience

  • 5+ years of successful freelance in music and audio work.

  • Hundreds of credits and millions of streams in the music industry.

  • Full album production cycles in close relationship with the artists.

  • Perfecting audio through meticulous mixing and mastering.

  • Capturing sound in large-scale recording studios.

  • Music composition and sound design for advertisements.

Interactive Audio & Integration

  • Capable of creating interactive audio systems with Wwise and integrating sound for a full videogame. Experience with Unity and Unreal Engine for Wwise implementation and QA. Experience with Perforce and Github.

  • Have made complex Max/MSP patches from scratch for research and creation on the topics of just-intonation systems and granular synthesis.

  • Beginner programming skills in C++. Have completed the "Intro to programming" course offered at Concordia's Comp. Sci. department.

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